Uncertainty is the new norm in currency risk management.

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Join the FiREapps team and your peers from around the globe for this invite-only event February 22 – 24, 2017 - Scottsdale, AZ.

Peer Case Studies    

Industry Trends & Best Practices

Individual Client Workshops

FiREapps Product Direction 

CPE Credit* |And More



Beyond the talks we will feature many events that will give you an opportunity to network.

Peer-to-Peer Conversations

Numerous times  throughout FiREfest you can discuss with peers your experiences with currency risk management.

Learn Best Practices

Hear from peers and the FiREapps team on applicable best practices to manage a nimble FX program.

Do More with FiREapps

See the FiREapps product roadmap and be able to provide feedback on your needs with the product.

Scottsdale in February!

Vote for your choice of a Friday activity:  Spring Training baseball game, golf, or desert jeep rides.


Reserve your seat today to participate in 10 interactive sessions, 9 networking breaks, and the Arizona great weather.

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Plenty of time to network. It was so nice to be placed at meals to be able to interact with different attendees.

I’m learning so much from everybody else. It made me understand we all have the same challenges: it’s still the people issues, it’s still the raw data issues; we all have the same common problems.”

“Very informative. It’s very nice to meet everyone. Also, getting to talk to other people who are using the system and learn how they’re using it in different ways. FiREfest is a great resource for all of us to connect with one another.”


2016 RECAP

Inaugural FiREfest was packed with industry trends. Look for 2017 to be bigger and better.

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All talks will be held at the Granville headquarters at Madison 36th, New York City.

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